Chef Irv Miller


                      The Art of Crab Cake Plating

Crab Cake Cudos
     Seville Quarter Crab Cake Cook-Off to benefit A.R.C.; six-time award winner
  “Jackson’s, Home of the Crab Cake King,” Robert W. Tolf, Florida Trend Magazine
   “Tops and Flops,” Food Arts Magazine, Tops on the popularity poll
  “Best Crab Cakes I had on this trip, made with 96% crab meat” 
​ Edward Brivio, Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet NewsletterCrab Cake

Recipe Features
        Gourmet Magazine, Crab cake recipe requested by the editor
       Bella Magazine, Pensacola News Journal
        Fiesta Seafood Cookbook: A Taste of Pensacola
        “Let Them Eat Crab Cakes,” New York Family Magazine

Cooking,” ESP Cooking Show
     “Flavors of the Coast,” PBS Cooking Show
     “Florida Style” Cooking Show
    Prepared for the James Beard Foundation 2001, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014

                                         Now Available only at Maria's Seafood Market!


                                                  CHEF IRV'S PREMIUM CRAB CAKES

Ironically, there's nothing new about my crab cake recipe at all, its the same award winning recipe that I created back in 1999. Over the past 15 years my crab cakes have earned their claim to fame in numerous publications and have been complemented by some of the toughest crab cake critics along the Florida Panhandle. I am delighted to share my containers of premium crab  cake mix for retail. The mix is ready to go and there's nothing to add. Simply shape them into patties and cook them. They're  available by 8 ounces (229 g) containers and can be broken down to any size patties.  You won't find them at the grocery store yet. I am taking steps for growth and the container will only be available on retail or shipped (provided you meet their minimum order request) directly to you from Maria's Seafood Market in Pensacola (850) 432-4999. For special request; email me through Contact. Thanks for your interest, and I'm thrilled to have you enjoy one of my most requested recipes for your home use or special gathering. Serve Safe Certification Cert. No. 10299843.